IMPORTANT: Interest and payments on federal student loans have resumed. Visit for details. Carefully consider your options before refinancing federal student loans, as they will no longer qualify for current and future federal benefits once refinanced with a private lender.

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FAFSA - Now is the time to apply!

Learn more about the financial aid process and how to make smart decisions when taking out loans to fund your college education. We will cover federal student loans, private student loans, the application timeline, and managing student loans after disbursement.

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Webinar Recording: Student Loan Refinancing – What you need to know NOW!

With the COVID-19 emergency relief for federal student loans ending by June 30, 2023, now’s the time to know what that might mean to you. Watch the recording of this special webinar brought to you by the NIHFCU and our partner, Student Choice, to learn information regarding student loan refinance.

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